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Last August I started up a new business venture making creative multilayered decals over at vinylsmack.com. It started with the Flux Emancipator, a decal inspired by Back to The Future’s “Flux Capacitor.” Since then I’ve got some good feedback and demand for my product. I’ve also developed many new ideas on the type of products that I will produce. Moving on from just decals, I plan on also making papercraft collectibles and other products. I also have a new focus on developing packaging that reinforces the theme of every product. I want every package to be an experience in itself. Something that just blows you away. Something that’s fun to even hold in your hand. I love this new venture because it allows me to have a creative outlet without the boundries that I have in my day-to-day design work that I do in Moving Pixel Media. Please stay tuned to exciting new stuff around the corner over at vinylsmack.com.

The Papercraft Time Travel Kit - Slide Out Tray Papercraft Time Travel Kit - Intricately Cut 2 Papercraft Time Travel Kit - Intricately Cut 1 Papercraft Time Travel Kit - Car 3 Set Papercraft Time Travel Kit - Car 1 Set
Introducing The Papercraft Time Travel Kit IMG_8622 Hold up to the light Flux Capacitor on Desk - Square - 2 Flux Emancipator on Outdoor Table - Square - Light Flux Emancipator on Outdoor Table - Square - Dark

Introducing “The Flux Emancipator” decal by VINYLSMACK



I just started up a new small business called VINYLSMACK®. My goal is to design some high end decals that have depth or complexity to them. Think multiple layers, colors, and materials. My 1st release is inspired by one of my favorite movies of all time, Back to The Future. I’m taking advantage of the glowing apple on Apple laptops. After several versions and shopping for different materials, I nailed the look and feel I was going for on the final product. It features over 5 layers, transparent film and a clear polyester window to give it a glass effect like the real box. Once I figure out how to activate the time circuits and make it transport me to another time, you’ll probably find me in the 1940’s; it’s a nice round number.

Now available at: vinylsmack.com.
Thanks for the support. Your my density!

Flux Capacitor - VINYLSMACK


Flux Emancipator on Outdoor Table - Dark