Digital Film Production

MPM Logo FinalI run a company called Moving Pixel Media. You can see what we do over at We primarily film weddings and the like but we also film commercials, documentaries, and music video’s. Making films has become an exciting thing for me over the past few years. Since high school, I was heavily into art & design and never though that my “art”” would transfer over to film but after spending a lot of time in it, I now love creating art through this medium.

If you have any film needs, I am available to work with you on just about any type of project so don’t hesitate to call me. I film everything.

My number is (626) 765-3748 or email me at

This is a music video I filmed called “Meet Me In The Fields” by a SoCal band called Millbrook:

This is a short film that highlights Sarah & Andrew’s Wedding in Palm Springs, Ca.

This is a short film that highlights Tracy & Teresa’s Wedding in Pasadena, Ca:

This is a teaser reel for the upcoming Documentary film I’m working on for The Gadfly Project:

This is a highlight reel for a wedding I recently did for friends Donald & Cindy:

This is a video I produced that highlights the “love story” we filmed in San Dimas.

This was filmed and edited for a local church in Los Angeles, CA. This was for the pilot episode that was submitted to various TV stations.

This was a love story film of a grandfather with light motion work.

This is a comedic short produced for a local church.

This is a video short I produced for my health & fitness project over at

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