The other day my son Noah was playing with a new Batman toy he got. I told him how awesome it was because it had an articulating cape. I asked him if I could have it; it was a little test of his character. Of course he said no. I then told him I would give him $100 for it. Again he said no. So then I asked if I could have it if I bought him a donut. He then said, “OK dad” and he gave it to me. I them told him “Wow Noah thank you so much for being willing to give me your toy but I was just joking, you can have it back. We’ll just share it and play when we get home.” Almost immediately after, I saw a sadness come over him and he began to cry a little. I asked what was wrong. He said I don’t like Batman anymore. It was in that moment that I realized that he was having a crisis in his own little heart. He didn’t like Batman anymore when I gave it back to him because he was certain it meant he wouldn’t get a donut because that’s what the deal was. He gave up the toy for that donut but also was devastated to lose the toy. He really wanted both. After I figured out what was going on, I explained to him that we were very proud of his decision to share with me and I helped him sort through what had just happened. What started out as a joke on my part, ended up being a real test for my son and got me a little emotional too. After this, we hugged and 7eleven was down 1 chocolate donut that night. I told him he could eat half because it was late so he did; he ate the top half! Just as he is learning something new every day about life, I’m learning about his.


Inspired Illustration Project #12, “BATMAN.”

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