Back to The Future: The Queen Mary Revisited


30 Years ago my uncles from Mexico were visiting California. We took a family trip to the Queen Mary cruise liner which is permanently docked in Long Beach, Ca. How do I know this? We have albums full of old photos and I remember looking at the set of orange/brown tinted photos of that day. I was that little short kid with the sailor outfit and 80’s bowl haircut. Recently I found out that my mom had saved that outfit so immediately I knew that we had to go back to the Queen Mary and dress my son Noah in that same outfit since he’s about the same age as I was in those photos. This past Monday, we did!

My wife, son, and I boarded the Queen Mary for the 4th of July festivities and went searching for the same photo locations that my family stopped at. With enough time and patience, we found the spots and proceeded to try to frame the shots the same. These are the results. My wife did an awesome job of framing and taking the photos. Without further delay, here is my father & I and My son and I…….30 years of time separated…….same outfit.

QM small

QM small

QM small









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