“Meet Me In The Fields” Gets New Life

Meet Me In The Fields is a song by a band called Millbrook. I believe they recorded it in 2006 and originally had the video shot in 2007. I had the privilege of filming this video for my friend Daniel Jacob Horine the lead singer of the band. We filmed it over a couple of days at Platt college in Alhambra, Ca. Using a very small green screen, the guys of Millbrook and Joellana Garcia did their stuff while I was worrying about lighting and other camera settings. When it was finished, Daniel took the tapes home and worked on piecing all the footage together for the debut music video for Meet Me In The Fields. I also took that footage home and began to work on my edit of the footage. Sadly though, my computer at the time sucked big time.

Now, a few years later, I finally have the processing power to edit to my hearts delight and I finally took this project on. It’s stylistically different than Daniel’s but I hope it does the song justice. The song speaks on themes of friendship and bonds that last beyond the here and now. I tried to reflect that over the span in the video by shifting the color and imagery toward the end. It’s really an amazing song as you dig into the lyrics. The more you hear it, the more powerful the message and imagery. It’s truly a masterpiece that has timeless qualities.

Check out Millbrook at http://Myspace.com/Millbrook
Buy their music on iTunes.



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