Vintage Antiques For Sale!!!!

Linda's Antiques

[update: All items have been sold. Thank you!]

Hey friends & lovers!!

I’ve got something really cool to offer you and the best part is that you’ll be helping out someone who is in need. I’m selling off a friend’s unique collection of vintage antiques that include toys, dolls, & ephemera. My friend Linda is a super cool woman who is homeless and needs to sell her collection of antiques that she amassed over many years. I’ve posted multiple photos for each item and am selling them to friends & family for 1 week. After that, I will post them on eBay; so buy them before they go up in price. As I come across more items, I will post them here on Facebook.

Please take a little time to see if you’re interested in purchasing anything. She can sure use the help. I’ll accept payment by check, cash, or Paypal. If you’re local to West Covina, I can deliver it. I can also ship it with a small added fee. Follow the link to view items that are for sale. To see more photos and the sale price, click on the the photo icon.

Antiques Page:

Thank you!



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