Presenting Curt Teich & Co.

Of all the things I’ve been collecting lately, I been hooked to postcards by the Curt Teich Co., especially the the ones from the 20’s through the 50’s. I find that they have a good balance of “photographic” detail and “pop art” in them. The method that these cards were made were a highly guarded secret when the company was in operation so not everything is known about how they were made. The thing I find most interesting is how they selected colors. They would send a customer a modified photo with an overlay sheet that kind of resembled “painting by numbers.” Along with this, they would send a chart of numbered colors that they thought best suited the scenes. The customers would then select a color they thought best resembled reality. Because they wanted the best possible scene, they would often exaggerate the color. The company who made these often had no clue what the color was because they were sent black & white photos. In essence, every customer had a hand in creating these amazing pieces of art. I want more of this WICKED AWESOME artwork so I’ve added these to my list of wanted ephemera. Antique store here I come.

View my ever-growing Curt Teich Post Card collection on Flickr: CURT TEICH COLLECTION

1916The Golden Gate Bridge Spanning The Entrance To San Francisco - By Curt Teich & Co. 1936

1926The Brinwood Hotel, Estes Park - Curt Teich & Co Postcard. 1926

1936Hotel Eastman and Baths - Curt Teich Linen Postcard

193708 - Kamehameha Avenue, Hilo, Hawaii - By Curt Teich & Co. 1937

193704 - Sunset, Coconut Island, Hawaii - By Curt Teich & Co. 1937


2 thoughts on “Presenting Curt Teich & Co.

  1. I have the “Souvenir Folder of Atlanta Ga. Financial Center of the South.” by Curt Teich & Co. It contains eleven (11) images (3.5″ X 5.5″) and one (1) very long “Panoramic View of Atlanta, Ga. The Metropolis of the South” (5.5″ X 26″).

    This accordion folder of postcards was printed a year or so after 1930. In the description of Atlanta, Georgia it mentions the fact: “The population of Greater Atlanta in 1930 was 359,166 people.” It also reads, “The city school system is operated on the K-6-3-3 plan with one set of schools for white and another for colored children.” And, “There are 59 tennis courts, 12 baseball diamonds, 7 football fields, 2 basketball courts, 5 white and 1 colored swimming pool in Atlanta Parks.”

    Would you be interested in purchasing it? It is unused (no writing) with slight wear on one corner of the folder. All the images inside are in mint condition. If you are interested in purchasing this please email me back at


  2. Jacob,

    In going through my other st cards I have found that I have four (4) of the 1939 New York World’s Fair (unused and in mint condition), one of Jacksonville Beach (posted 1942), and one of the Tomb of the unknown Confederate Soldier (unused and in mint condition) – All Curt Teich! If you are interested in purchasing any or all, please email me.

    Thanks, Beth

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