Americana – Photos, Ads, & Illustrations of The Past

1944 Coke Ad

Wash Beach 1920's

Last year I started collecting old photographs. My wife & I went to an antique store in Monrovia, Ca and stumbled up this little gem. This one little photo was very overexposed and you could barely make out the image. So I purchased it for a buck and took it home, scanned it, then got to working my photoshop magic and eventually got this image out of it. I then went on to discover many great photos out there. Just about every bin of photos I’ve went through have one or two amazing photographs in them. I love to see our country as it looked years ago. I’m particularly fond of photos from 1920’s – 1940’s. I love how people dressed, the architecture of the time, and the mystery behind photos that leave little clues as to when or where they were taken. I usually employ the help of Facebook friends to give any clues they might find to give answers to their origin.

I’ve made a set on that features all of my finds and it grows every other week depending on what I find. It’s also grown beyond photos and now includes magazine ads or illustrations from books. The artwork and photography from the past is amazing and is waiting to be rediscovered if you look for it. As a graphic designer, I sometimes tire of seeing and producing so much modern vector artwork [read: stuffy] so this is a breathe of fresh air for me. I’ll also be posting my latest finds here on my blog.



Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, Ca (1911)


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