OVNI – A Narrative of Mexico’s Alien Visitors

OVNI is the spanish equivalent to UFO which translates to “Flying objects that are not identified.”

This is a video I produced of my father’s UFO stories from the 50’s & 60’s in Mexico. I was inspired by the Mysterious Universe [MU] podcast to put this on film. Benjamin Grundy and Aaron Wright of MU do a great job of covering so many paranormal stories and I’m always amazed of the variety of accounts that people have around the world. So many wonderful stories and accounts are covered there and I thought I’d share my own with that community.

I grew up hearing stories from my father as a little kid and finally got around to interviewing him. I was always fascinated by these stories and the connection my father had to UFO’s. Knowing that my father is not one to lie or embellish stories beyond the truth, I fully believe him. Having witnessed strange crafts myself here in California, I share the same fascination and hope to know the truth as well.

The purpose of this video is not to prove anything but to share one account among the thousands that are out there. If you get a chance, go over to http://MysteriousUniverse.org to hear stories like this and many others.


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