Meet Noah Jacob Morales!

I’ve totally been slacking on this here blog but who am I kidding, I don’t blog often anyway. Anyway, this is a couple of months late but better late than never, I’m here to introduce the announcement of my firstborn child, meet Noah Jacob Morales! He’s turning out to be an awesome kid. He’s very alert and advanced for being 2 months old. He’s a chip off of the old block with his dad’s good looks ; ) Life has changed overnight but thank God that I’m in a place that I’m ready for it. It’s crazy how you at such a young age we start getting insight into who he’s going to be. Big character traits are already forming outside of our influence. That’s amazing. He’ s seems very independent and loves to observe the world around. Time will tell what Noah’s life will become. I’m in love with my son and stoked to mould his life into something great. Oh, and he’s got lots and lots of hair. You rock Noah!

Noah's Birth Anouncement


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