“Girafilm” Italian 8mm Film Viewer

"Girafilm" Italian 8mm Film Viewer

"Girafilm" Italian 8mm Film Viewer, originally uploaded by inthelight20.

Hawaiian HolidayThis is a handheld 8mm film viewer. It uses a manual crank and has a small light bulb that illuminates the film as it passes by the viewfinder. It’s called the “Girafilm” and was made by Ciro in Florence, Italy. There is no production date on it. It takes only the small 50′ reels. The best part about this viewer is that it came with a black & white Disney short called, “Hawaiin Holiday.” I had a blast trying to run film through it. I say trying because it’s meant for previewing film…slowly. Once you start cranking it at the right speed, the image blurs. I love the design of this piece. It’s all fun. The most frustrating part perhaps is the viewfinder which is tiny and is made of a cheap plastic lens. Oh well, maybe I’ll retro fit it with a better lens for viewing.