Still crazy after all these years…about Radiohead.

3978863823_02bd871666_mToday my wife & I went shopping for vinyl records in Los Angeles & picked up a few gems. I first stopped at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park off of Sunset and picked up this single from Radiohead. It contains “High & Dry, Planet Telex, Maquiladors, and Planet Telex (Hexidecimal Mix)” It was pressed on “audiophile” grade 180 gram vinyl on a 12″ 33 1/3. It sounds great and I especially love the remix of Planet Telex which is featured on this video.

Later, we headed over to Amoeba Records also off of Sunset in Hollywood. Man, the store was packed with music lovers. Seriously, there were about 150 people [A slight Jacob exaggeration; Maybe 85 people] shopping when we were there and a good 25% people were feeding like birds from their massive vinyl collection. It was really cool. It felt like something from the past. I have fond memories of shopping at Tower Records that closed some years back. I remember when they started to get rid of records, then tapes, then, it closed down. [Stealing music online sucks.]

3978863865_9555d00222_mI also managed to find the album I talked about in my last post which a fellow John corrected me on. It’s a 48 year old record of a reunion of Glenn Miller singers & band. It’s a great concert LP that took place at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in 1961.

Desiree at Amoeba Records Hollywood

Amoeba Records Hollywood Amoeba Records Hollywood

LA Record Shops:
Origami Vinyl
Amoeba Records


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