Little Brave Sambo

I picked up this little gem last week called Little Brave Sambo from 1953. I bought it because it was a cool 50’s style 78 RPM kids record. I even made this little video on my new turntable and filmed it with the iphone then threw it up on YouTube.

Later, I read up on “Little Brave Sambo” and found out that it was quite a controversial record for its time as the name was changed from “Little Black Sambo.” Sambo was a racial term for a person with mixed Amerindian and African heritage in the Caribbean. So I guess the producers said um…yeah, let’s just call him brave Sambo instead of black, which I guess was only half offensive because it really was the term “Sambo” that was offensive.

Anyway, we’ve been buying up old kids records for our baby that will be born next year because I want our kid to grow up thinking that Records/LP/Vinyl are normal and not something that old people used to listen to 30+ years ago.



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