I Got Hitched!

My Wedding

Today is April 20, 2009 and It’s been a month since I got married and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to blog about it but here it is! I got married on April 21, 2009 to my beautiful bride Desiree. We got married at Red Hill Country Club in Upland, Ca. The day had so many highlights and I’ll share a few of them here. I got to spend my last night as a single man hanging out with my brothers and the following morning, my uncle flew down from Arizona to not only attend my wedding but also to be my emcee. As family poured into to the venue, and the wedding just minutes away, I remembered all of the many weddings I’ve had the privledge of filming and thought to my self, “Now it’s my turn, I’m finally here! I’ve got 2 brothers and 1 sister and I was the last to tie the knott!

One of the biggest regrets about my wedding was that I knew my best friend wasn’t going to attend my wedding because he’s right now serving our military over in Iraq. I did however have a plan. We arranged for him to be here virtually and we pulled it off. With a laptop, a wireless internet connection and Skype, we were able to connect with him. His dad walked around the reception with the laptop and got to see just about the whole thing! That really made our day! I also had my friend ” Jason Tucker DJ the wedding and that was super cool too as he controlled it all from his iphone………wireless! We also got to hire one my favorite photograpers, Danny Cortez of Danilo Photography. The weather was perfect, the food was great, everyone we love was there and we were blessed tremendously with gifts!

So………..after about 8 years of dating. I am now a married man. It’s still so new that I can smell the fresh paint on the walls!

I’ll see you at yours!



At Our Reception



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