Thom Yorke Pulled Up Beside Me Today


I was stopped at a red light today when a bus stopped to the right of my car and I saw Thom Yorke looking straight at me! Yes, Thom Yorke of one of the best bands ever, Radiohead. Well, of course he wasn’t in the bus but his face was plastered to the side of it. Apperantly, Radiohead will be playing at the Grammy’s (Which I don’t typically watch) this year. The ad that features words all over his face details songs that influenced Thom. It is part of the “Celebrate the Music That Made Us” campaign. I can’t stand much of Radiohead’s newer music but seeing this ad brought back memories of earlier Radiohead days. Let it be said that OK Computer is one of the best albums of all time….well in my opinion anyway. (Check out a larger version of the Thom Yorke ad here.) I also learned that Paul McCartney of the best band in the world, will also be performing that night! Maybe I’ll watch it afterall.



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