President Obama’s Inauguration Day – January 20, 2009


official-obama-portrait Today, I happened to be awake around 4am which for me is quite normal as I work into the night somedays. I am quite the night owl. It was something to see Washington DC coming to life in the early hours of the morning and in High Definition! That was about 7 am EDT, 4am PST. I’ll be upfront in saying that I didn’t vote for President Obama but am hopefull that he’ll deliver on some of the goods he’s been promising. Some I don’t agree with, some I do.

Change, the word that has been on everyone’s tounges is most definitely going to come but to what extent. I admire his confidence and hope that he is steadfast in maintaining those ideals which have always made America great. His speech was very moving and great even reading through the proverbial lines. His honesty will be remembered this day as we are in a time of turmoil and it wasn’t the least bit sugar coated. It was also good to see that when Bush appeared, people were respectfully quite and didn’t vocalize their disdain for him. That moment as small as it was actually also gave me hope.

I’m hoping for this economy to turn around but the thing I hope for the most is a change in the people’s hearts. I’ve seen our people grow restless with many different issues but mostly what I see is anger for the administration that Bush lead. How can people pit so much on the actions of one man? Many of the problems that we have as a nation have nothing to do with “Washington or Bush.” I really hope to see a nation that is not as diveded as it is now. I’m Christian and I would like to say that I hope that our nation goes back to it’s roots in being a God fearing nation. I know that this might not transpire because in reality, many Americans believe many different things so I guess what I can hope for is that among the many differences we have, we can be peaceful about them and together move towards the America that has made us great; one that is united. I guess time will tell but I’ve got to say that today was an experience that I’ll never forget and as an artist I can appreciate what so many are feeling today. Today, President Barack Obama has a blank canvas and clean slate and the future holds so much possibility. So cheers Mr. President, God be with you.


-Jacob Morales


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