My Friends, It’s Been A While…

….since I last posted. This act of balancing things can be tricky and as life passes by, It’s hard to keep up with everything. So I guess I’ll share what’s new in my life since my last post in June. Where do I start? Well, This summer has been a roller coaster in so many ways. In June & July, I prepared for participating in a protest in China for human rights. My pastor planned a very controversial protest which found him painting anti-oppression slogans on upscale hotel walls. My part was to get this video out and release it onto the internet. Well it worked, and amid much criticism, The Gadfly Project, was off the ground and gained wordwide exposure. Just about every news source covered our story and just about every news anchor came out to my church for interviews. I also produced about 30+ videos during the month of August to keep the project going and I maintained our website called For what it’s worth, this was one of the boldest things I’ve ever done. In hindsight, it was worth it all the while.

The problem with these types of things is that no one ever speaks up. The injustices in China and around the world get overlooked or ignored. We had this opportunity to do something so we did. It was amazing because the essentials of our plans were succesfully executed. Well, it’s now said and done and the olympics are finished. My involvement with this project is being furthered. I’m now in the middle of producing a full length documentary film for The Gadfly Project. This means I might make my way back to Europe to film all over again. I’ll keep you posted with the developments! Ask me about if you ever get a chance because there’s too much to put in this post!

Another thing I’ve been working on is revamping my company. I now have a brand new website for Moving Pixel Films and fresh new content. It’s made also in the form of a blog as I’m publicly sharing my work as it comes. You can now view my videos in a nice big player. If you get a chance, check it out and send people my way. I’m going to take the wedding market by storm next year!

On a side note, sadly, I’ve neglected my other project is called This is NOT a diet. Because some really serious projects demanded my attention, it fell to the wayside. I will however be back to blogging about my health very soon. As I said, balancing is hard but I can say that the essentials of my life are in balance and my company is growing! I haven’t been writing any new music lately. I wish I could just dedicate another month to doing this but that’s not reality. I do however, want to start writing music for some of the film projects I have coming up so I might just pull out the GuitFiddle sometime soon!

New Website:
The Gadfly Project:


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