An Online Pedometer, No Joke!!!!!

I found a wonderful little online tool for calculating distance and calories burned for your local walks or runs. It’s basically a free online Pedometer put out by Google! It’s called Gmaps-Pedometer. The way it works is you enter an address for a start location and when you’re ready to start making your route, you hit the record button and double click on the map to plot you’re first point. Next, you can drag the map and plot as many points as you want thereafter. Here’s where it gets cool…well kind of. Once you’ve plotted all of your points, the Gmaps Pedometer places little red balloons to mark each mile along the way and also, the feature you’d be most interested in, is that it calculates the amount of calories you’ve burned on your trip! Of course these calories are only burned if you do this trip by foot and not by car! You could even complete the trip by calculating the stats for a round trip. Also, you could save your map for future viewing or print out the map to take with you if you’ve got a long trip ahead of you. Later this year, I plan on walking for an entire day, so this tool will come in handy. I’m a big geek so this online application scores some nifty “cool” points with me!

So, next time you want to take that daily walk around your neighborhood, visit Gmaps-Pedometer to get an accurate distance calculation and measure those calories burned! Of course this doesn’t have all of the features of a top notch Pedometer but it should do just fine for the basics! We’ll make sure to write a post that reviews quality Pedometers in the near future and we’ll do some comparison tests with this site and the real thing.

Visit the website at:

Make it a great day,

“Making Diet History by Making Diet’s History”


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