I Lost My Headphones, Just a Little Rant

I went to the store today to buy a pair of earbud headphones. I lost the ones that I got with my iphone so I went to go buy another pair. I usually only buy quality made electronics or anything for that matter. Today though I went for the cheaper kind because I’m trying to save money and didn’t feel like breaking the bank for the best headphones available.


The package I got cost me 6 dollars. I haven’t bought cheap headphones in years so I’ve forgotten how bad they sound. I should’ve studied the package more for clues. For instance, any package that advertises that they’re “MP3 Gear” headphones should be immediately written off of my list. We all listen to MP3’s from time to time but MP3 is an audio file type that sits as the lowest rung of the audio quality ladder. It’s an audio type that’s usually heavily compressed and 9 times out of 10, I can tell the difference. Case in point don’t buy “MP3” headphones if you care about the quality of audio that’s going into your ears. Usually when I buy a CD, I import it into my computer as a “lossless” filetype that has uncompressed sound. When you train your ears to hear the difference, you’ll be grateful.

The other thing was that the the package advertised “High Fidelity Audio Reproduction.” Again, my 6 bucks weren’t worth the ink that was used to print those words. I know that every company will tell you that there product is the best but the thing with headphones is that they all say “High Quality, or High Fidelity” so how can you tell which ones sound good? I guess you just have to buy em’ and try em’.

Oh yeah, one last feature, they’re retractable………………………like 4 times, and then they’re not.

This is why I buy quality.


3 thoughts on “I Lost My Headphones, Just a Little Rant

  1. Knowing you, I am surprised you went cheap on audio equipment. It looks like that’ll never happen again. Still though, the Sony rubber tipped earbud insert headphones I got rock! but their more like $50 but I love the sound, it has so much depth and clarity its like 25/25 vision but for your ears. Plus they come with three different size tips just to make sure yours fit you just right for the best audio experience.

    • its 20/20 vision BTW, just saying… and $50?!?!

      ….wow…….. r u just trying to impress or r those earphones made of gold?
      seriously dude, find something better to spend that money on :3

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