Hiking and History, Reasons I love L.A. (Part 2)

Where there’s a hill, there’s a way

If you have trouble watching the video, view it on YouTube here:
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omJbztnNsnk
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8XPcNJxPBY
Download this video here.

As you can see from the video, we made it back to the Sam Merrill trail on the Mount Lowe Summit in Altadena, Ca this past Monday. We 1st went up last Monday but turned around. I’M HAPPY TO REPORT THAT WE MADE IT!!!!! Remember, I’m still 245 lbs. so this wasn’t an easy feat for me. This was by far the most rewarding hike I’ve ever been on and the most challenging. You can’t tell from the video but this hike, drained me so much that I had my brother do the closing because I had no energy left and was beyond thirsty. While there, we met some wonderful people who encouraged us on our journey to the high places. Thank you Kathleen and the group of 3 ladies we met, your words helped us up!

With most things of this nature, it becomes a test of the will and we were tested. From the trail head to the top, lies a trail that whips back and forth up the mountain for 2.5 miles. As Israel said, we overshot the trail. What happened was we took a wee little shortcut through the trail and that shortcut cost us about an hour of time and we also ran out of water. This was about half an hour past our destination so I’m glad we inadvertently broke our goal!! I felt like giving up at least 4 different times but some much needed support came by way of other hikers that were there. As I mentioned in the video, the trip up is slightly strenuous but eventually pays off by the gorgeous views and sights up at the top.

The biggest lesson we got out of our hike was that if it’s going to be hot, leave early, say around 7am, and always bring lots of water. For us, we were so thirsty at the top and coming down was a struggle because we started feeling a bit weak in the legs and dizzy from the heat. We’re definitely going to make it back but further next time. We’ll make sure to be well prepared.

The trail we took can be reached by driving up the 210 FWY to Lake Ave. exit heading north toward the mountains. Drive up Lake Ave. until you reach a dead end and park and enter the gates of the old Cobb estate.

Besides not being able to walk the next day because of soreness, everything went well and I’m excited to be doing a variety of things to raise my fitness level and become more healthy in the process. It truly feels like I am NOT on a diet and I’m having fun doing it!

Read the post about our 1st attempt here.

Also check out some of the photos we took while there:

Visit: http://mountlowe.org to learn the complete history!
If you have other great hikes, drop us a line. Maybe we’ll
go film it as well.

“Making Diet History by Making Diet’s History”


One thought on “Hiking and History, Reasons I love L.A. (Part 2)

  1. That was a great video! I like the way you showed the old pictures of what the place looked like. Keep up the good work.

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