Hiking and History, a reason I love L.A.





Today was my 2nd day out and man what a day it was. I went hiking with my brother up in Alta Dena to the Mount Lowe Trail. This is when my out-of-shapeness really hit me! I was out of breathe within 1 minute into scaling the small mountain we went up. Somehow, we made it up to the 1 mile post and turned around from there. While there, we met a lady who told us that there used to be a resort or community up at the top. I know this has nothing to do with health but I love history so I’ll share!!

I came home and did a little research to learn more and sure enough, there was. It was a thriving little resort community that a train used to ride up to in the late 1800’s. People would vacation there and the ride up afforded views of the local canyons, nearby valleys to the east and west, and all the way to the ocean. After several years of operation, the Mount Lowe Incline would become known as “Earth’s Grandest Mountain Ride.” People would come from around the world to see the sights and experience a trip that would almost never be rivaled by standards in those days.

Sadly though, the buildings up there burned down in the 30’s and the land reverted back to the US Forest Service. This inspires me to return and go past that 1 mile marker and see what awaits at the top! I was told that the place is a ruins of what once was. As far as my plans for fitness, I’ll be hiking once a week and walking/jogging 3 days a week by a local trail or track.

It’s days like these that remind me that there’s an exciting world out there. I would’ve never learned this had I stayed at home in my laziness! Let’s see what surprises lie in other places! 


“Making Diet History by Making Diet’s History”


3 thoughts on “Hiking and History, a reason I love L.A.

  1. I definitely recommend going back and hiking to the top! I used to live in LA and this was one of my favorites- the ruins of the old resort are really cool to see, and I love to think about the incredible engineering feats that enabled resorts like this to be built in the early 1900’s. I also turned back before the top the first time I did the hike, only to find out later that I was only about 1/4 mile from the top!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the tip! We actually made it to the top and further on Monday. It was quite an adventure and we filmed it all! Come back to our site within a couple of days and our video should be up. You’re right about the engineering feats of the time. I was blown away to think that all of the stuff up there was there since the 1800’s!! Incredible!


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